Spatial Modeling of Forest Landscape Change

Spatial Modeling of Forest Landscape Change

Approaches and Applications

Edited by:
David J. Mladenoff
William L. Baker

Published by the Press Syndicate
of the University of Cambridge

Reproduced with permission.

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Content, Contributors, and Preface

Chapter 1: Development of Forest and Landscape Modeling Approaches
pp. 1–13   –   David J. Mladenoff and William L. Baker

Chapter 2: Modeling the Competitive Dynamics and Distribution of Tree Species Along Moisture Gradients
pp. 14–41   –   John P. Caspersen, John A. Silander, Jr, Charles D. Canham and Stephen W. Pacala

Chapter 3: Spatial and Temporal Impacts of Adjacent Areas on the Dynamics of Species Diversity in a Primary Forest
pp. 42–69   –   Jianguo Liu, Kalan Ickes, Peter S. Ashton, James V. LaFrankie and N. Manokaran

Chapter 4: Scaling Fine-Scale Processes to Large-Scale Patterns Using Models Derived from Models: Meta-Models
pp. 70–98   –   Dean L. Urban, Miguel F. Acevedo and Steven L. Garman

Chapter 5: Simulating Landscape Vegetation Dynamics of Bryce Canyon National Park with the Vital Attributes/Fuzzy Systems Model VAFS/LANDISM
pp. 99–124   –   David W. Roberts and David W. Betz

Chapter 6: Design, Behavior, and Application of LANDIS, and Object-Oriented Model of Forest Landscape Disturbance and Succession
pp. 125–162   –   David J. Mladenoff and Hong S. He

Chapter 7: Predicting Forest Fire Effects and Landscape Scales
pp. 163–185   –   Robert H. Gardner, William H. Romme and Monica G. Turner

Chapter 8: Mechanistic Modeling of Landscape Fire Patterns
pp. 186–209   –   Mark A. Finney

Chapter 9: Achieving Sustainable Forest Structures on Fire-Prone Landscapes While Pursuing Multiple Goals
pp. 210–255   –   John Sessions, K. Norman Johnson, Jerry F. Franklin and John T. Gabriel

Chapter 10: Modeling the Driving Factors and Ecological Consequences of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
pp. 256–276   –   Virginia H. Dale and Scott M. Pearson

Chapter 11: Spatial Simulation of the Effects of Human and Natural Disturbance Regimes on Landscape Structure
pp. 277–308   –   William L. Baker

Chapter 12: HARVEST: Linking Timber Harvesting Strategies to Landscape Patterns
pp. 309–332   –   Eric J. Gustafson and Thomas R. Crow

Chapter 13: Progress and Future Directions in Spatial Modeling of Forest Landscapes
pp. 333–349   –   William L. Baker and David J. Mladenoff